Frequently Asked Questions

What is Western Wells?
An education support fund that fosters higher learning and career pathways in young people from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds. Western Wells aims to encourage and support students from under resourced schools and educational communities to meet and exceed their potential. Support is both of a financial and mentoring nature.
Who Benefits?
Western Wells targets students who otherwise may not meet or fully develop their potential due to both financial and cultural inadequacies. Young people are targeted because of ability, attitude and a willingness to embrace opportunity.
Who Pays?

Funds are derived from a network of people from a varied cross section of society with a base in, but not isolated to, the Old Camberwell Grammarians Amateur Football Club and past students of Camberwell Grammar. All donations are tax deductable and the Western Wells aims to convert the highest possible percentage of donations to the support of young people with an absolute minimum used for administration.

Wherever possible functionality of the fund is supported by like-minded associates of Western Wells who donate their energies free of charge ensuring that the majority of resources raised are used directly to support the education and development of candidates.

Where Does My Money Go?

Finances educational and extracurricular activities that would otherwise be unavailable to students from the targeted population. Funds are only used when no other funds are available and supports students to take part in activities that they would otherwise be excluded from.

Funds may also be used to enhance or further develop current educational activities that would benefit from financial and or mentoring support funded by the Western Wells.